Women Inspiring Networking Group

Women Inspiring & Networking was designed to assist, create, motivate, and rebuild women in different areas of life. We strive to achieve the balance between self and others, manage family and career, uplift self-esteem, exemplify positive parenting, elaborate relationship, and motivate the idea of healthy living. We carry ourselves with pride and power. We know that God has led us, brought us together, and our strength will keep us together. We walk with the passion and commitment to help those in need of guidance for a better life. W.I.N believes that with our strong support system we will be able to reach women from all walks of life

Mission Statement

Women Inspiring & Networking is a global community leadership group dedicated to empowering individuals, enriching lives, promoting personal growth, and encouraging women to bond within the community.


To make a difference in the lives of the women we encounter, by becoming a tool of support, inspiration, and empowering a purpose-driven life.

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Women Inspiring & Networking Transitional Home

WIN is passionate about helping women and homeless teenage mothers. Many of the women who make up WIN have shared experiences with the pain and difficulty of finding support during a very personal time in our lives. 

WIN Transitional home plans to offer shelter to pregnant teen mothers and adult women, with wraparound supportive services. ​This program will provide a safe environment for the target population to assist each individual’s ability to increase their opportunity for success. ​The program will operate in two phases known as Phase I & Phase II.

WIN will house 8-12 young ladies (higher than the average number of 5) from the age of 12 and up. Including and not limited to pregnant teens. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of women we encounter, by becoming a tool of support, inspiration, and empowering a purpose-driven life. The home will provide services for residents through partnerships and outside agencies and in-house staff to meet the resident’s needs.

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