About Tameria

Tameria Weaver is an Elder, entrepreneur, speaker, mother, and wife. Tameria has a passion for birthing and bringing women of God to be who God has called them to be, moving God’s Daughters into a faith-based space. She is on a philanthropic mission to help women find God and love themselves, pushing them into becoming the best version of themselves. In 2016, Tameria founded Women Inspiring & Networking Inc., a spiritual-community platform. Women Inspiring & Networking equips women with inspiration, resources, and tools that help them discover their purpose and revolutionize their lives.

Tameria birth “God’s Daughter” In July 2021 to encourage women to break barriers and walls of self boundaries. “God’s Daughter” engage women in finding their moments to trust, lean, step out on faith, in the will of God. The women in the Bible stood out for their victories; being Daughters of the most high, we are able to walk in that same victory. With the growth of God’s Daughter, Tameria plans to expand through her messages, podcasts, and social media influence, reaching women from all over the globe. Tameria Weaver is the founder of She Heals: Faith + Therapy Mentorship program, that merges faith and therapy, marking wholeness mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I believe in the power of unity and collaboration within our church community and beyond. Through continuous study, prayer, and personal growth, I am committed to serving as a spiritual leader who inspires and guides others to live a purposeful and joyful life rooted in their faith. 

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